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Artists, please read this:

I want to share this contest with you and it would really mean a lot to me personally if you took part,
and it would mean even more to NarsisBlack, a talented artist and great member of our community.

She has lost her beloved cat these days in a horrible way and is going through some hard times now.

To get over the loss easier and have some nice memories, she asked for some support to hold a contest.
Some people reacted to that in a really rude, respectless and insensitive way which made me really angry and
disappointed about some people in the community.

Please help this her get over this bad experience and take part in the contest.

The task is simple -manipulate one of the photos of her
little 'Zazzles' to create a beautiful memory of him.

She is taking prize donations as well (:

More information here:

>>… <<<

If you supported her I'd really appreciate it.
And I'm sure she will, too.

Thanks for reading and for your help!

Leni :rose:

zazzles 03 by NarsisBlack Zazzles 02 by NarsisBlack
That's what some of you may ask.
I have been watching several stock groups focusing on animal resources, but noticed that most of them seem to be dead.
No submissions are accepted anymore, or the group accepts everything automatically without questioning if the submisions are stock or not.
I wanted to create an active group to get a big collection of stocks of animals, that's why I made this group.
I 'm founder of two other groups with many active members, and I'm sure I will be able to keep this third one alive and growing as well.
But without your help this group can't grow - so feel free to join us and provide your animal resources :)